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Meet the Team


Ainslee Colegrove

Owner & Principal Designer

Welcome! I'm Ainslee Colegrove, an Arizona Native and forever desert dweller, hence the name Desert Grove Home.  

I have always loved the creative realm and knew from a young age that creating beauty would be in my future in one way or another. I spent my pre-teen years searching ebay for items to make my bedroom look like the PB Teen magazines I swooned over, and started a business making jewelry and hosting holiday showcases out of my parents' home. In college I browsed antique stores for 'finds' that I could refurbish for my apartment. 


I graduated with a degree in psychology and spent my early twenties working in mental health, but would return home to decorate and post our first 'newlywed' home on Instagram. After years of support from family and friends, time spent working at a local furniture and design store, and a second home to make my own, I officially started Desert Grove Home in 2019.


My projects started small as I increased my knowledge and experience, but now am so happy to say that I've worked with over 50 clients decorating, designing, assisting with remodels, and leading the design and furnishing of custom homes from the ground up.


I am so grateful for what I do each day and truly love meeting new clients and helping them fall in love with their homes. 


Kailah Davis

Jr. Designer

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